Caesarean Birth - What's important to pack in your hospital bag?

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For the majority of women who have surgical birth the C-section birth is planned ahead of time so women have the luxury of preparing and packing their hospital bags before hand.

What are some of the things that should go into the hospital bags?

It can be helpful to think of your needs in three main areas, before the birth, during the birth and post-birth. In addition, there are baby items to remember as well as other miscellaneous items.

Here is a list of things I found helpful when packing for my C-sections


Attend a C-section class if your hospital provides one or alternatively seek out online classes that may be helpful.

Consider using our template to write your birth preferences for how you would like your birth and cord clamping managed.

Invite key people, friends and relatives to be part of your support network during your six-week recovery period. Help them understand the limitations you will have as you focus on your body repairing and healing after major surgery. Perhaps draw up a list of what types of help you would be grateful for, as unless a person has had major surgery in the past it's hard to comprehend just how trying it can be to regain strength and manage the 24/7 needs of a newborn.


Music to play while you wait, or during the birth;

Front opening theatre gown to facilitate skin-to-skin with baby if thats your preference



Contact list of people to call after the baby is born

Your own nightgown and/or robe or T-shirts and leggings

A small cushion or wound splint to protect stitches during sudden movements

High-waisted briefs to avoid friction on stitches [disposable optional)

Heat pack /cold pack (for wound, back or shoulders)

Nursing bras and pads = (preferably the washable, soft ones)

Personal hygiene items (your own maternity pads, toothbrush and paste, etc)


Muslin wraps

4 long-sleeved onesies

4 singlets

Nappies if not provided by the hospital

Tiny socks and mittens

Going home clothes


Mobile phone, phone charger

Your own pillow (the crunchy plastic-coated hospital pillows can be horrid)

Notebook (to keep track of feeding times and pain medication & messages)

Eye mask for day naps

Water bottle with straw

Chewing Gum (helpful for activation of bowel activity)

Thermal drinking cup

You can find my downloadable copy of the hospital bag checklist here as well as plenty more information  

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