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Hi , I'm Leonie Rastas,


I am a nurse, midwife, author, educator, spiritual healthcare practitioner & psychotherapist.

I help people heal from distressing life events and learn their true meaning, purpose, identity, worth, and value in life.




The C-section Recovery Manual

Written by Midwives Leonie Rastas & Janine McKnight Cowan

The C-section recovery manual will give you a three-part workbook filled with best practice strategies to support a good recovery from your C-section birth.

  • Twelve informative chapters
  • Checklists for scar management
  • Checklists for daily planners.
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Nurse, Midwife and psychotherapist using a safe effective, guided three-step process, helping you manage any  lingering unwanted patterns in your life such as anxiety, depression or trauma.




Real transformation is probable, it involves taking the time to identify and heal unwanted patterns in your life. 

My professional background as a healthcare practitioner and my own lived experience of trauma, PTSD, and profound healing have led me to study psychodynamic psychotherapy.

I would love the opportunity to help you too. 

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Client Love  


I’ve gone from feeling stressed out, overworked, and underappreciated to loving my life. The psychodynamic model you used in therapy has changed my life. I feel like a new person after just three sessions.  Thank you"

 67 year old female

I can't believe it!


I'd lived with PTSD for 60 plus years as a victim of child abuse. I'd spent over $30,000 on Psychiatrists who eventually said they couldn't do any more for me. After three sessions with you, it's over; I feel safe now, no more nightmares, and the tools you have given me are miraculous.

72 year old male


I feel alive...


I feel lighter,  I now know the truth of who I am. I know I am enough, and I can now be and do all that was meant for me. This therapy has changed me forever. I feel like I've never felt before, and for the first time in my life, I love myself just the way I am! 

58 year old female


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