Are you feeling overwhelmed after your C-section?

 Most people don’t know what's needed to help themselves best recover after major surgery, so we created online postnatal education specifically for C-section mamas, to help them manage their pain, grow in confidence, enhance their recovery & enjoy their babies. 

Approximately 18% of women have unscheduled and maybe unwanted Caesarean births. In Australia our Caesarean rate is over 36%. 

The Caesarean birth rate has increased 500% since 1970 however childbirth education appears to lag behind in this area

We believe every woman who has a Caesarean birth deserves to get the knowledge and resources to support her recovery.

How about you, did your healthcare providers offer comprehensive education for your recovery and prevention of complications?  

If not, we can surely help you.

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Free C-section Birth Plan

A birth plan template for you to begin the conversation about your wishes for your caesarean birth. Explore your options in theatre and post-operative pain relief. Discuss your cultural practices with your healthcare provider.




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Handcrafted  wound splint 

A handcrafted device designed to provide support or cushioning to the surgical wound during sudden movements such as coughing, sneezing, vomiting or retching. Ideal for short term use during the recovery period.

Standard design without an elasticised belt.

Approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for use as a class 1 medical device.


Caesarean Care  eBook

The downloadable PDF eBook is written by Midwife Leonie Rastas, it outlines preparation, recovery, and complications after c-section. The early weeks at home and postpartum management of the wound and possible challenges are also covered in this 24-page eBook.

Plus a Bonus Scar tracker included.


New C-section Pain Management eCourse 


We Believe...

  • That every woman deserves to be fully informed and prepared for her C-section birth, whether it be a scheduled or an emergency birth.
  • The birth of your baby is way too precious to be hijacked by anxiety, fear or stigma!
  • That surgical birth and recovery is not easy, but you can control many aspects & still have a wonderfully calm & happy birth experience and smooth recovery. To help you prepare for your C-section Birth we have prepared a Birth plan template 

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Introducing the

SAC splint 

The surgical after care (SAC) splint is an innovative midwife designed wound splint created to simulate the traditional cushion or rolled towel.

The wearable splint is used for support during sudden movements such as coughing, sneezing, vomiting and even laughing!


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We value dignity and respect for all births & we want you to have all the resources you need for a smooth recovery. We want to help you feel proud, strong and confident after your major surgery. .

We understand that antenatal education doesn't always address C-section birth, so we want to help bridge that knowledge gap for you.


Childbirth education for women contemplating or having a planned  C-section birth as well as for women after an emergency C-section. Offering comprehensive preparation and recovery education and resources.


Empowering women with knowledge, skills, resources and planners for C-section birth and recovery. Encouraging you to feel proud, strong & confident.

We also offer one-on-one consultations tailoring for individual needs.


We celebrate the strength and bravery of every woman who births by C-section.

We encourage women to embrace their scar as a symbol of life, hope, and love. Celebrate the badge of fame, rather than shame.

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We don't just care about your birth, we care about YOU and your recovery...


Caesarean birth is classified as major surgery, as it should be because it's definitely no easy way out.

It takes great courage to undergo major surgery whilst fully conscious in most cases!

We want to help you have the best possible experience. We've prepared an eBook to help you navigate the early days, and the 6 weeks postpartum, so you can truly be the HERO of your birth story.


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Book Launch - Coming soon

The C-section Recovery Manual, written by Leonie Rastas and UK Nurse /midwife Janine McKnight-Cowan. A three-part book with planners and journal pages as well as ten chapters of vital information for recovering C-section mums.

The ultimate C-section eCourse

A comprehensive guide to preparation and recovery from caesarean birth. All the tips to help you enjoy a smooth postpartum and feel proud, strong and confident as you bond with your baby.

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I love how practicable, uncomplicated and innovative Leonie’s eBook is. Whilst I found the whole content very helpful, I found the “scheduled day of birth” section the most useful as she informed me of a lot of the things that I was “wondering about” ahead of the big day, and I hadn’t been able to source such info anywhere else. Leonie’s knowledge and experience gained over decades of work in the maternity wards and academia shines through at every juncture. Highly recommend! 



I have had x 4 C-Sections and the information in this wonderful book would have been just so helpful at the time.
Leonie is so thorough and I can’t think of an area she doesn’t cover. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is pregnant or even to buy as a gift for expecting mothers. 


"Postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) such as pneumonia following surgery can increase a patients length of stay in hospital & reduce the quality of life. Deep breathing & coughing exercises are commonly prescribed by physiotherapists as a way to reduce the risk of developing PPC. The SACsplint is easy to use, fit for purpose product that supports the physiotherapist in providing this treatment."


"The SACsplint is an innovative post-operative tool particularly useful after Caesarean births. The SACsplint has been designed and produced by a midwife with intimate knowledge of the discomfort associated with surgical birth.I am pleased to endorse this product as an effective and valuable resource for women following a caesarean birth."


The eBook from Caesarcare was really helpful after I had my twins by C-section. The chapter on post-op recovery gave me some great tips for managing my pain and supporting my stitches. It was good to read about the early weeks at home also.



This was such a helpful resource for my daughter anticipating her caesarean birth. She found the tips for planning for hospital and returning home so helpful. It was such an asset in approaching surgery as it was important information given in a calming and supportive way. It helped her understand what to expect and helped her to formulate questions for her doctor. She also used the splint during her recovery and found it very helpful at a time when she was having to hold her baby for long periods. This is an excellent resource for anyone anticipating a caesarian and is highly recommended.


I had a liver transplant in May 2021. I was encouraged to cough a lot which was really painful with the large cut on my right side. The SAC splint really helped cushion the area and reduce the pain when I coughed.


We wish to acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people the Traditional and ongoing Custodians of the lands on which we work. We would like to pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. We also wish to acknowledge the traditional and ongoing custodians of the land and seas where you are and pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging also.