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Become a 'C-Section Hero'


Say NO to anxiety and YES to a calm and confident C-Section journey.


The birth of your baby is way too exciting to be hijacked by anxiety , fear or stigma!

Whilst surgical birth and recovery is not easy, you can control many aspects & still have a wonderfully calm & happy birth experience and smooth recovery.

The WHY behind 'Caesarcare'

We Believe

Every woman deserves to be fully informed and prepared for her C-section birth, whether it be a scheduled or an emergency birth.

A good way to help you prepare is with our free C-Section birth plan template.  Get your birth plan template below.


Get your free C-Section birth plan template.

We don't just care about your birth, we care about YOU  and your recovery...

  • Caring for 1000's of happy C-section clients
  • Published author, educator & designer of C-section aids
  • Over 3 decades of nursing & midwifery practice & education




Our Mission

To help women - take control of their post - C-section recovery - to avoid common postoperative complications - to flourish as they emerge as 'newborn mothers'.


We offer helpful tips, checklists, an ebook, a wound splint and a variety of masterclasses for women scheduled for C-section birth recovering after emergency C-section.


We seek to empower women with knowledge, skills, resources and planners to help them throughout the  C-section birth and recovery. We also offer one-on-one consultations tailoring for individual needs.


We encourage women to welcome and celebrate their C-section birth, to pride themselves on their courage and to enjoy their transition to motherhood. 

An eBook for C-section Heros!

Get our downloadable eBook , filled with tips and strategies to help you survive and thrive through your C-section birth. Written by Midwife Leonie Rastas who has not only cared for thousands of women after C-section but is also a veteran of C-section births herself.

Our products & services


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Say goodbye to Pain

A-Z of Caesarean Birth & Recovery  





How to Guides

Prepare for theatre

Beat constipation

Plan your day

Journal your milestones



Compression Stocking Mate,

SAC (Surgical aftercare splint),

eBook - Top Tips C-section Birth,

Care Packages.

SAC (surgical aftercare) Splint

Designed by Leonie Rastas, the SAC splint is a lightweight washable splint designed to support the incision area, maximise comfort, confidence and facilitate mobility after c-section.

The SAC splint, when held gently against the incision during sudden movements such as coughing, sneezing and laughing provides support and protection.

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"We would all like to help our daughter, daughter-in-law, sister or best friend in the difficult and painful days after a caesarean section. A triple-0 baby suit is good to look at but it does not alleviate the pain. As anyone who has lived through the experience is aware, wound pain is part of the process. That is when the SACsplint helps. At every abdominal movement, the muscles try to pull apart the wound. The wound needs splinting and, true to its name, the SACsplint splints the wound. I wholeheartedly recommend the SACsplint to everyone who has undergone abdominal surgery."


Registered Midwife. Master Midwifery. Lecturer BA MID.

"The SACsplint is an innovative post-operative tool particularly useful after Caesarean births. The SACsplint has been designed and produced by a midwife with intimate knowledge of the discomfort associated with surgical birth.

I am pleased to endorse this product as an effective and valuable resource for women following a caesarean birth."


Physiotherapist.BAppSc(HM) Doctor of Physiotherapy

"Postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) such as pneumonia following surgery can increase a patient’s length of stay in hospital & reduce the quality of life. Deep breathing & coughing exercises are commonly prescribed by physiotherapists as a way to reduce the risk of developing PPC. The SACsplint is easy to use, fit for purpose product that supports the physiotherapist in providing this treatment."



"Really helpful when getting up from bed to support stitches. A good size"
- Cindy

"Really Good very handy  just the right size"
- Tanya

"Very helpful for my cough worked really well"
- Lisa

"Fantastic for use when coughing, the firmness was excellent"

- Clare

"Caesarcare has been amazing in so many ways. The bag of goodies gave me a lot of information and products I didn’t even know I needed. The splint provided great support for my wound following my emergency caesarean surgery and I still use it one week later. Leonie has also been very supportive in answering any questions I have had. I would recommend Caesarcare to anyone who is thinking about or is having a caesarean "

- Sarah


"Fantastic help for mums a great resource for hospitals to supply."
- Midwife Ali

"The splint was really helpful a brilliant idea."

- Midwife Athena

Our team

Caesarcare collaborates with a team of consultants specialising in three key dimensions of healthcare - physical, mental and spiritual.

Leonie & Veijo Rastas

Co-Directors & Founder of Caesarcare, Registered Nurse & Midwife, Author, Educator and 6 time C-section birth Mamma.

Rebecca McQueen

Consultant in Maternal Mental Health (Perinatal Mental)Director Birth Sense Australia, Registered Nurse. (BSN), Certified Childbirth Educator (CBE), Grad Cert Mental Health. 

Michelle Buggy

Consultant in Mental Health & Woman’s health. MA of Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy,

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