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My name is Leonie Rastas and I am a Nurse, Midwife, Author, Educator, Mother and the inventor of the SAC splint as well as the  creator of 'Caesar Care' gift packs and ante natal education for C- sections 

Based on my own experience, I have become passionate about care of the surgical wound site and the importance of self care to avoid complications such as infection and burst stitches. The world's peak body for wound healing, (WUWHS) report that between 1.9 -7.6 out of every 100 C-sections performed, some level of wound breakdown or separation will result. This is why the use of a wound splint such as the SAC splint is so vital.

Caesar Care's products and services are the culmination of years of professional  and personal experience in caesarean birthing and postoperative care. In 2018, having identified some gaps in resources, I set about designing and manufacturing two helpful aids for post operative recovery, the SAC splint and the 'Stocking Mate'. It is my hope that you too will find them helpful to reduce the risks associated with C-section births.

I am a firm believer in holistic woman-centred care, strive to address in each woman's individual needs in relation to their social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural situation. Woman-centred care recognises and respects a woman’s health needs, hopes and expectations and that she has a right to self-determination in her choices for care.

Every woman has a responsibility to make informed choices for herself, her baby and her family. Caesar care education and resources aim to support and ensure all women are empowered with evidence based knowledge to make those informed choices that are compatible with their own personal life beliefs.

The ultimate goal of Caesar care is to help women to manage risks to enable them to have the best possible birth and post operative experience. 

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The Caesarcare team recognises the Turrbal people as the traditional custodians of the land we work on. We acknowledge and honour the elders of past, present and future.

We strongly support equality for all. We embrace diversity and condemn any kind of discrimination, be it on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.