Hey there!

I'm Leonie




...and I help mothers to feel proud, strong, and confident during their Caesarean birth recovery.



Hey there!

I'm Leonie

 ....and I help mothers feel proud, strong and confident during their caesarean birth recovery. 


I'm a nurse, midwife, author, educator and mother of six caesarean born babies. I am passionate about helping women to nurture themselves and their babies during the recovery period and beyond.

At Caesarcare we believe all women who birth by C-section should be treated with dignity and respect and be given comprehensive education to understand and manage all aspects of their recovery.

Caesarean birth can be associated with troublesome pain, anxiety and shame. This can disrupt your bonding and attachment with your baby.  

We hope that by better understanding your limitations and need for self-care after your C-section, you will feel more justified to reach out for support.

Getting help will leave you free to nurture yourself during your six-week recovery period and to focus on bonding and attachment with your baby. 

Have you just had an emergency C-section or about to have a scheduled C-section and wondering what comes next?


At caesarcare we offer educational resources to answer your questions.

We want to help you to feel Proud, Strong & Confident with innovative medical aids, and evidence-based knowledge and support.

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