Leonie Rastas

TRTP practitioner

Distressing events or Trauma in one's life can cause long-lasting effects on a person's thoughts, behaviours and actions.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) therapy is a safe effective three-step process 

that resolves lingering unwanted patterns in life such as uncontrolled anxiety, being a repeated victim of bullying, or PTSD.




Real transformation is probable, it involves taking the time to identify and heal unwanted patterns in your life. But you’re not in this alone, I've got you, every step of the way.


My professional background as a healthcare practitioner and my own lived experience of trauma and PTSD and profound healing have lead me to training in the The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) modality.

I would love the opportunity to share the process with you. In three 2 hour sessions you could be free of the patterns that hold you back 


Real stories of transformation

  • Watch Tim's story
  • Hear Steves Story 
  • Read Leonies Story

I’ve gone from feeling stressed out and overworked to loving the life I live. TRTP therapy has changed my life. I feel like a new person after just three sessions. "


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Book a 30 minute explanatory session today and and see if you too could find healing from past trauma.Its never too late!! I finally found healing from the my scars 32 years after my birth trauma and PTSD.

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