C-section Incision - what about healing?

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Healed C-section scar

After C-section birth, the stitches or staples will be removed from the wound after 5 days after which it takes 5-6 weeks for complete healing unless of course infection or wound breakdown have slowed the process.

Wound healing occurs in three phases -Three phases of wound healing are-

  • The inflammatory phase — increased blood to the area
  • The proliferative phase — wound starts to rebuild itself.
  • The remodelling phase — once the wound is closed, it regains its strength

 There are 6 key principles of C- section incision care that help to promote healing  -

WOUND CLEANSING -Gently wash wound in bath or shower and pat dry with a clean towel, A shower is preferable to a bath as soaking may soften scar tissue and cause the wound to open. Do not put soap, shower gel, body lotion or any other bathing products directly onto your healing wound.


WOUND SUPPORT- Sudden movements such as sneezing, coughing and laughing cause the intraabdominal pressure to rise and place strain on the internal stitches. It is therefore important to splint the wound with a rolled-up towel, cushion or splinting device during such events to provide wound support and protection.


WOUND DRESSINGS- Not all surgical wounds need dressings. The purpose of a dressing is to: Absorb leakage from the wound, Provide ideal conditions for healing, Protect the area until the wound is healed and prevent stitches catching on clothing


WOUND ASSESSMENTS -Lift any abdominal overhang to clearly view wound. Use a handheld mirror to obtain a good view looking for signs of red, hot, swollen sections of the wound. Note any pus oozing or foul smell coming from the wound. Look for any break in the union of the wound edges.


WOUND EXPOSURE TO SUN- Do not expose your wound to direct sun for 3 to 9 months after surgery. As a wound heals, the new skin that is formed over the cut is very sensitive to sunlight and will burn more easily than normal skin. Bad scarring could occur if you get sunburnt.


WOUND MASSAGE- Remedial massage over the C-section scar after the wound has healed. Scar massage can be an effective tool to keep the skin and connective tissue healthy. Massage may help to reduce pain through desensitising the nervous system, as well as prevent abnormal stiffness down the track by maintaining flexibility and preventing adhesions of the skin layers.


WOUND REVIEW-If any of the above signs or symptoms are detected from your daily wound assessment, you should seek a  review by a Dr particularly if associated with a fever, feeling flu-like symptoms or Increasing or unusual pain or bleeding from the wound.

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