C-section Ready

Oct 28, 2020

At Caesarcare we recommend 3 keys (P.E.P) to an empowered C-section and strong recovery. The keys are - good preparation & research, equipping yourself with helpful resources and planning for your postpartum journey.

Whether you are having a scheduled c-section or natural birth, understanding the surgical birth option can help reduce fear and anxiety should the need arise. It is always good to have a discussion with your Dr about what to expect and his preferences should issues arise. Antenatal classes specifically for c-sections may be available at your hospital or you may like to access our online masterclass at Caesarcare. Check the list of things to pack in your hospital bag in our eBook which is available from our shop at

Consider joining a C- section mothers forum on social media and ask questions about products and suggestions to help you with your shopping list.

Once you are home with your new baby it can be easy to lose track of time and forget things

 Use our free download, day-planner to help you remember important tasks like pain medication, anticoagulant injections and monitoring your wound. Fatigue in the early weeks can be overwhelming and the need for support and self-care will be vital to recovery. Don't hesitate to seek help, anyone who has major surgery will take a good six weeks to regain strength and stamina. You have not only had 5 layers cut during your c-section but also have another little person requiring your physical and emotional attention 24/7, seeking is help is highly recommended. Good nutrition, fluid intake and rest are vital to enhance a strong recovery and help you to enjoy your beautiful baby.

The transition to motherhood involves lots of new experiences and responsibility, sometimes this transition can be difficult especially if complicated by feelings of failure and guilt if an emergency C-section was required. Be sure to debrief with a healthcare professional who specialises in helping women through this period, see your GP for a referral. Another helpful option is to hire a Postnatal doula, they offer a wonderful service for new mums and well worth considering. Above all be proud of yourself, for C-section birth. is not the easy way out, it takes great bravery and strength ...You are a super mum.



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