eBook- All about C-section birth & recovery

A downloadable eBook filled with tips and explanations about the birth , recovery and early weeks at home. Complete with a C-section birth plan template , what to pack for hospital list and post surgery troubleshooting ideas.

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Know what to expect

Learn the important facts about surgical birth and what will happen on the day of birth and how to best prepare.

Postnatal Recovery Tips

There's so much to think about during the recovery period. Learn tips from Leonie herself a mother of six  C-section babies!

C-section birth plan Template

The C-section birth plan template is the perfect way to prepare for your baby;s birth and a good conversation promt with your doctor and midwife.

"The eBook from Caesarcare was really helpful after I had my twins by C-section. The chapter on post-op recovery gave me some great tips for managing my pain and supporting my stitches. It was good to read about the early weeks at home also."


This was such a helpful resource for my daughter anticipating her caesarean birth. She found the tips for planning for hospital and returning home so helpful. It was such an asset in approaching surgery as it was important information given in a calming and supportive way. It helped her understand what to expect and helped her to formulate questions for her doctor. She also used the splint during her recovery and found it very helpful at a time when she was having to hold her baby for long periods. This is an excellent resource for anyone anticipating a caesarian and is highly recommended.


 All about C-section Birth & Recovery


This little book will help you to :

  • Reduce overwhelm from major surgery
  • Manage the pain and discomfort
  • Safely care for your incision to get the best result for your scar.
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Leonie Rastas is a childbirth educator, innovator and ‘C-section recovery whisperer’®.

She is a midwife, author and passionate advocate for better education, resources and support for C-section birth people, their partners, family and friends.