A comprehensive guide to a smooth postpartum period, written by midwives.


Recovery from Caesarean birth requires realistic goals and careful management.

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Before my first caesarean birth, I had little idea of what to expect in the 4th trimester. I remember how scared I felt going home with by baby who was fully dependent on me. On reflection, I don't think my Midwifery course has dealt with much past day 5!

I felt bewildered by the fatigue and pain of the first few weeks, compounded by difficulty breastfeeding.To add to the stress my husband's work took us to another state in Australia where we knew no one leaving family 8 and 5 hours from us.


How will the C-section Recovery Manual help you?

  • Knowledge is power, and you will have a ready reference.
  • You will learn simple strategies to safeguard your scar from infection or opening.
  • You will have a ready reference for dealing with common recovery issues

What results can you expect ?


With the help of your 'virtual midwife' authors, you'll get everything you need to know to help you feel strong, proud and confident as you journey through your recovery period.


What's included?

  • Twelve chapters of important topics relating to caesarean birth and recovery.
  • Day planner's checklists for the six weeks postpartum
  • Surgical scar tracker to help monitor the healing progress of the scar.
  • Guided maternal journal pages to aid in debriefing and capturing the twins, challenges and milestones.
  • Testimonials
  • Referral resources to allied healthcare practitioners
  • QR code for book updates with research articles and products.

Leonie Rastas is the 'C-section Recovery Whisperer®' who helps women move from fear, overwhelm, pain and fatigue to feeling relaxed, confident, strong and well-managed pain after caesarean birth.

Leonie is an award-winning nurse, midwife, educator, and co-author of the acclaimed ‘C-section Recovery Manual’. She has appeared on podcasts, webinars, interviews and conferences in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK.

Leonie lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with her husband and her collection of personal journals bursting with creative ideas to support c-section mums and families. She can often be found cruising around the coast in her beloved campervan, 'Louis', offering C-section recovery workshops.

Add the Surgical After Care Splint ?

or added comfort and wound protection. Wound support is vital to protect the five layers that have been cut through during your c-section. These Instructions will guide you through the steps to get the best results from your surgical aftercare splint or SAC splint.



I have had x4 C-Sections and the information in this wonderful book would have been just so helpful at the time.
Leonie is so thorough and I can’t think of an area she doesn’t cover. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is pregnant or even to buy as a gift for expecting mothers. 


 I love how practicable, uncomplicated and innovative Leonie’s Book is. Whilst I found the whole content very helpful, I found the “scheduled day of birth” section the most useful as she informed me of a lot of the things that I was “wondering about” ahead of the big day, and I hadn’t been able to source such info anywhere else. Leonie’s knowledge and experience gained over decades of work in the maternity wards and academia shines through at every juncture. Highly recommend! 


The Book from Caesarcare was really helpful after I had my twins by C-section. The chapter on post-op recovery gave me some great tips for managing my pain and supporting my stitches. It was good to read about the early weeks at home also.

The C-section Recovery Manual is for...

  • Couples contemplating their birth preferences
  • Those recovering from Scheduled C-sections
  • Partners and families who want to know more about how to give support after supporting.
  • People who want to understand more about surgical birth, its risks & benefits. 

is not for.....

  • people who have vaginal births
  • people who don't want to be proactive in their healing process.
  • People who are not interested in learning about how to avoid common complications.

What you'll get in your manual.

The C-section recovery manual will give you a three part work book filled with best practice strategies to support a good recovery from your c-section birth.

  1. Twelve informative chapters
  2. Checklists for scar management
  3. Checklists for daily planners
  4. QR code for updates and new resources 

Why should you learn from me?

  • An award-winning nurse
  • Midwife,
  • ten years in tertiary education for midwives
  • Childbirth educator(antenatal)
  • Co-author of the acclaimed ‘C-section Recovery Manual’.
  • Appeared on podcasts, webinars, interviews and conferences in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK.
  • Clinical experience as a nurse & midwife over four decades
  • A passionate advocate for postnatal education and support
  • Founder of Caesarcare
  • innovator of the SAC splint surgical wound support device
  • shortlisted for an innovation award at the Australian Healthcare conference 2019

There was so much I didn't know about the 4th trimester and the challenges. I had significant complications in theatre and lost a lot of blood, so my post-op fatigue was compounded by anaemia.

I only wish there had been a book to accompany me through the recovery stages. I had difficulty with my first baby and had no family support nearby. I suffered from postnatal depression and was very isolated from all my friends at work.

THE C-SECTION RECOVERY MANUAL is my gift for people in a similar situation and unsure of their recovery needs and strategies.