C-Section Recovery Packs

Our C-section recovery packs come in three sizes and contain a variety of resources to help you with your preparation and recovery. Whether you have a planned or unplanned caesarean birth, you can’t avoid the fact that it takes major surgery to birth your baby and that means you will have a lot more to deal with than if you’d had a natural birth.

The first 24 hours are a busy time post C-section as you bond with baby, begin to establish breastfeeding,(if that is your choice) accomplish pain management and receive regular assessments by your midwife.  Childbirth will naturally impact you physically as well as emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. The Caesarcare 'Woman-Centred Caesarean Care' booklet will help equip you to navigate these changes. Knowing what you may expect can help reduce anxiety and fear of the unknown.

 The Caesar Care Collection


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Care Pack Contents




Caesarean Care eBook

Sac splint

Stocking mate

Cold/Hot Pack

Hand wipes

Dry bots

Lip balm

Tote bag

Hand Mirror

Maternity Pads


Recovery shorts


Ear plugs


Eye mask


Belly Wrap



Note pad






Disposable knickers



Peppermint tea bags



Bio oil



Nipple shields




The  idea of developing dedicated resources came about after being challenged by a woman’s partner whilst working in my clinical midwifery practice. He was surprised by my use of the seemingly antiquated rolled up towel I had offered his partner as a wound splint. Later, I began thinking about his question as to why is there not dedicated splinting device for use after surgery. After months of research and development, the Surgical Aftercare Splint (SAC) splint was born. The splint provides the perfect way to ease strain on your sutures. 

How is the Splint Used

The unique SAC splint is designed to be held lightly against your wound as a support in the early days as you move about, cough, laugh and exert any pressure on the lower abdominal muscles.


The Stocking Mate

is designed facilitate the application of the prescribed anti DVT compression stockings over the foot and heel and puts paid to the heel snags that cause frustration and unnecessary pain.

The Ice Pack

can help reduce pain and bruising around the wound site

The Recovery Shorts

provide the perfect under garment offering high waist band well away from the caesarean site.

The Handheld Mirror

is a valuable aid to be able to monitor the caesar site for signs of redness , swelling or discharge.

The Woman-centred Caesarean care eBook

is filled with knowledge and tips to help you thrive in the pre and post natal period.

As Sir Francis Bacon, famous philosopher once said  “Knowledge is power”


The range of Caesar care products are intended for women approaching a planned caesarean birth and as well as women after an unplanned birth.

As a six time Caesarean birth mother, I know just how important it is to have a splint ready to brace the caesarean wound area.

The SAC splint is light and easy to shape to suit your individual body shape.

Both SAC splint and Stocking Mate are recommended by Physiotherapists, Doctors and Midwives

Women unanimously agree on the benefits of the splint which is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods authority as a Class 1 Medical device.

The C-section recovery packs contain innovative devices and guidelines on how to have the best possible recovery and to get back on your feet by partnering in your care and  self managing your post op recovery.

Buy Now and ensure YOU are at the centre of your care.

Prices range from  $159.99 - $319.99 including tax + postage

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