An ebook created to teach you the basics for a easier, safer and maybe faster recovery after Caesarean birth.

  • Booked for a C-section and wondering how to best prepare ?
  • Wondering what's going to happen once you get to hospital?
  • How will I be after the surgery?
  • When can I drive, and get back to exercise?
  • What are the challenges I might encounter once home?

All these questions & more are covered in our 24 page A5 eBook.

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Few people realise a C-section birth is classified as major surgery and careful rehabilitation is needed.

Our eBook is just the thing to help you identify any issues and plan your best recovery.


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do you want to learn all about the joys and challenges of caesarean birth so you'll be ready and armed to identify any and take prompt action to remedy them?

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This was such a helpful resource for my daughter anticipating her caesarean birth. She found the tips for planning for hospital and returning home so helpful. It was such an asset in approaching surgery as it was important information given in a calming and supportive way. It helped her understand what to expect and helped her to formulate questions for her doctor. This is an excellent resource for anyone anticipating a caesarian and is highly recommended.


The eBook from Caesarcare was really helpful after I had my twins by C-section. The chapter on post-op recovery gave me some great tips for managing my pain and supporting my stitches. It was good to read about the early weeks at home also.

eBook - All about C-section Birth & Recovery

Description The downloadable PDF eBook is written by Midwife Leonie Rastas, it outlines preparation, recovery, and complications after a C-section. The early weeks at home and postpartum management of the wound and possible challenges are also covered in this 24-page A5 eBook. This will endeavour to empower women with knowledge and strategies for both mother and partner or support person. I hope it will help women achieve the best possible outcomes for their cesarean birth and the postpartum period. Cesarean rates are increasing worldwide and although this booklet is designed for planned caesarean births it is equally applicable for emergency caesarean sections.   About the Author Leonie Rastas is a Nurse & Midwife and Fellow of the Australian College of Nursing and member of the Australian College of Midwifery education advisory committee. Leonie specialises in postpartum recovery after Cesarean birth, helping empower women to have the optimal transition to motherhood and postpartum recovery. She is the founding director of an online platform for education and resources to help women and their carers understand their surgery and the healing process. Leonie teaches online childbirth education for women scheduled for or recovering from an emergency cesarean birth. She is also the author of a variety of post-op recovery guides and the eBook ‘Woman -Centred Cesarean Care’ Leonie has also designed a wound splint, the (SAC splint) to support and help protect the surgical wound from breakdown during sudden movements such as coughing, sneezing and laughter. Her invention was. shortlisted in the Australian Healthcare week awards for ‘Innovation in Healthcare’ Sydney NSW in 2019.

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