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The practice of whisking babies away after a brief meeting with mum and dad is thankfully changing. More and more research is discovering the benefits of immediate skin-to-skin contact for both mother and baby at birth.  I speak from both personal and professional experience having had all my babies briefly introduced before being taken away for assessment and labelling. I remember vividly the ache in my heart at not being able to hold or see my babies until sometime later. I needed to be stitched up before I was eventually free to hold my baby and then they were so...

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Skin-to-skin contact with baby after caesarean birth?


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Caesar Care Gift packs

Ideal for distribution at antenatal classes, Obstetric practices and Midwifery booking services.

Caesar Care Gift packs are now available at wholesale prices for Obstetric practices and Maternity services.

Contact Leonie on 0408 217375 to arrange B2B authorisation


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