Can you guess what this is?

You might well ask?

Well, I am going to call it the “olden-days wound splintCommonly used by surgical patients to support their wounds post operatively.

In my role as a nurse/midwife, for more than forty years, my colleagues and I have been making these crude wound support devices for use by patients when they experience deep breathing coughing and dare I say laughing after the operation. 

I must admit I had never really thought about there being any other option until the partner of a woman who recently had a caesarean section, challenged me with a question.

He had been watching me tape a rolled towel up and asked the question “Doesn’t this hospital have any better, purpose built device for patients in this day and age? ” I did feel a little embarrassed to have to say “well no, the rolled up towel or cushion are they only splinting device I have ever seen used in all my years of clinical practice”

That one question became the catalyst for the creative in me to explore designing an alternative option. After five months of research and development the SAC (Surgical After Care) splint was born. This lightweight and flexible device has since been authorised for use as a class 1 medical device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority.

Since it's launch on International Midwives Day in 2018 the SAC splints have been used widely in both midwifery and surgical departments with very positive feedback.

Given my own personal experience of surgery, my antenna are finely tuned to patients needs post operatively and I feel so happy to be able to contribute to the comfort of new mothers post caesarean and abdominal surgery patients

The device is lightweight, functional and effective so let’s hope soon all post  patients will be able to reach for their SAC splint rather than have to wait for a towel to be fashioned for the purpose.