Do you now how much C-section care costs in your country?

C-section care costs vary dramatically from country to country and between public and private hospitals. In Australia, Hobart is reported to offer the cheapest C-section fees whilst Sydney and Darwin the most expensive.

In a recent tweet, US senator, Bernie Sanders listed the average cost of C-section care in five countries-

    • $2,352 Spain
    • $4,435 UK 
    • $5,186 Australia
    • $6,441 France 
    • $15,041 USA.

Whilst these figures represent the average cost, some women suffer bill shock weeks later when unexpected extra bills from specialists such as anaesthetists arrive. ABC Life author, Emily Stewart presents an interesting summary of birth costs in Australia in her article

In Australia, Medicare our public health system offers rebates for some scans and pathology and visits to midwives and obstetricians in the public hospital during pregnancy. Private obstetrician and private hospital C-section care costs are individually set so it is advisable to research fees if you are scheduled to have a surgical birth for either medical or personal reasons. Health insurance  providers offer varying rebates so it is important to discuss with your health fund before surgery. Currently, women spend  between 24hours - 3 days in a public hospital and 5 days in a private hospital post C-section birth. In some cases private hospitals offer women the choice to spend part of their hospital stay in a neighbouring hotel with a midwife on hand to support if needed.

Given the wide range of fees for service in Maternity care today, thorough research is vital to ensure satisfaction and hopefully avoid bill shock. The cost of C-section care is only one aspect of preparation visit to learn more about Caesarean Birth plans and resources to optimise your C-section experience