'Healing Hearts' - a small gift for bushfire survivors in Australia


Healing Hearts.

I have been disturbed by the images and stories from the fires both locally and near my home town and wondering how I could best help the survivors. Yesterday the Australian College of Midwives called for stories of heart-warming acts that college members had either witnessed or participated in, so to help spread some good cheer at this distressing time.

This prompted me to contact the health promotion charity I work with to arrange a delivery of ‘healing hearts’ to a bush fire relief centre in Gippsland. Our volunteers are planning a working bee to make more hearts for other areas affected in NSW and QLD. If you would like to contribute by sewing, donating materials or distributing our hearts please contact PHNA or myself. You may also like to nominate details of people who may benefit from receiving hearts and encouragement cards so we can send them a package.

PHNA - phnaoffice@gmail.com

Caesarcare - Info@caesarcare.com PH 0408 217375

Over the years these little hearts have provided comfort and hope for thousands of people, let’s hope we can reach even more.