Gift ideas for women having Caesarean births

Some 32 % of Women in the USA and Australia birth via Caesarean section today.

The Caesar Care Gift pack helps to prepare Women for surgical birth.Good preparation is essential for a positive birth experience and bonding with baby. Most Caesarean births will be planned and elective for medical reasons, whilst some will be unplanned emergency births and a small percentage will be what is commonly called Caesarean on demand. My own six children were all elective caesarean sections in the 1980’s and early 90’s, well before the benefits of early skin to skin contact were widely known. The practice of not separating mother and baby unless medically indicated was rare, as it seemed the hospital owned the baby until the day you both went home My first five babies were whisked away and housed in the Nursery only coming out at regimented feed times. I was able to have my sixth baby with me and feed on demand, thankfully. I only wish I knew then what I know now about the impact and management of caesarean births. I am pleased to see many hospitals offering Caesarean birth antenatal classes specifically for women booked for elective Caesarean sections. In addition, The International Caesarean Awareness Network has been providing education, support and advocacy since 1990. 

         Today health professionals are actively encouraged to

    • Partner with women to ensure best practice care is received,
    • Provide education and information about surgery, skin to skin contact and recovery
    • Resource women with adequate wound support and pain relief to encourage early mobilisation after their caesarean Births.

As a practising midwife, I am passionate about best practice Caesarean Care and helping women access education and resources to support their journey. The Caesar Care gift pack is designed to equip women with helpful information and devices to enhance the birth experience and recovery time and can provide the perfect gift for baby showers, the birth of the new baby or just plain self-indulgence.