C-Section , easy birth.. not so easy recovery !

So you're just home from the hospital and wondering how to juggle baby care, your house work, your recovery and fatigue. If you're anything like me, the excitement of coming home with your new baby may be mixed with fear and overwhelm of what to do next, of the reality that I am now fully responsible for this baby. It’s now up to me to know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Being a midwife didn't really help me, it seemed our course focussed more on pregnancy and birth, postpartum care after discharge was less emphasised. As a new mother, I experienced a lot of anxiety in the early weeks at home and I was relatively isolated given not many of my friends had babies and both grandparents lived a long distance away. I now know it is quite normal to feel this range of emotions.Thankfully the maternal and child health services nurse  the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) were able to help me navigate the early days. I joined a local ABA group and to be able to just listen to other mum's talk about their challenges was really reassuring. My first baby's breast refusal caused me a lot of distress as I knew I had the milk but I just couldn't let down. I learnt that the tension in my shoulders and my anxiety transferred to the baby and was becoming a vicious cycle.I am now a passionate advocate for teaching mums the side lying feeding position in bed before they go home as it's near impossible to hold tension in your shoulders in that position. Many more tips are discussed in an eBook available from the caesarcare shop Woman-Centred Caesarean Care The book will help you understand the surgery you have had and the healing process during the 6 week postpartum period. In addition, there is a troubleshooting section, identifying possible challenges and things you should seek medical review for.

Many say the caesarean birth is the easy way out, sure, it may only take an hour to birth the baby however it takes another 5-6 weeks to fully heal and feel fully recovered.