Leonie's Bio

Hi there,

I’m Leonie Rastas, I am a nurse, midwife, author, educator, wife and mother to six adult children all born by C-section.
I was born and raised on the land in Kurnai country in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and now live in beautiful sunny Queensland. After finishing secondary school, I completed my general nursing course at St Vincent's hospital in Melbourne and later completed my midwifery course at Dandenong hospital. 

My nursing school taught me the importance of showing respect and dignity for all human life especially the poor and vulnerable.

"I loved every minute of my course and often felt guilty being paid for something I enjoyed so much."

I married my husband in my early twenties together we had six C-section births over the next 17 years.  In between babies I worked as a midwife and continued on to a career spanning 4 decades, in which time I cared for thousands of women having caesarean births.

My own birthing experiences, have given me a great sense of empathy for women recovering after caesarean birth and led me to establish ‘Caesarcare’, an online childbirth education service helping women understand and self-manage the postpartum period. 

In today's busy world, complicated by COVID, I worry that women are not always attending antenatal classes or getting the information they need for a smooth recovery. 

There are so many considerations for comfort, healing and prevention of complications that women need to understand after this major surgery.

One day whilst I was preparing a wound splint from a rolled-up towel for a new mum, her partner who had been observing the process, asked me “why there wasn’t a dedicated device available in this day and age”?

That got me thinking.……

After several months of unsuccessful searching for a wound splint, I decided to design one myself. It took several months of research and development before the SAC splint was born. SAC is an acronym for Surgical After Care. The SAC splint is now authorised for use as a class 1medical device by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and it was shortlisted in the Innovation category for Nurse / Midwife of the year during the 2019 Australian Healthcare Week.

My company’s mission is built on empathy, compassion, love and respect for women who need to have surgical births. I am passionate about empowering women to achieve the best possible outcomes through knowledge, skill and dedicated resources. Caesarcare offers both free and paid content designed to equip women with the latest evidence-based practice.

"I am a ‘Midwife on a Mission’ to educate and empower women and their carers for life after Caesarean birth."

I believe all women should be treated with dignity and respect and be given the accurate, research-based risks and benefits of their surgery and information about the recovery process. 

“My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I know from research, and to keep it real and honest.“

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I hope this is the start of a new enriching and beneficial relationship.

Much Love,

Leonie xox